Sales Configurators for Guided Pump Sizing, Selection & Quotation (CPQ)

precisePump, our guided pump sales configuration software or Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software for pump manufacturers, is a feature-rich guided selling tool that enables your sales teams to easily size, select & configure products and submit competitive quotes, eliminating potentially costly errors.. It allows users to quickly and accurately configure a complex product in which a large number of selection rules, accessory options & relationships must be considered. It can be integrated with existing enterprise applications. You could provide access to your customers, distributors, dealers – everyone in your sales chain

It is built using the latest technologies & architectures, made to meet the demands of today's IT landscape within the extended enterprise. Only that functionality which your business requires, is provided, and you are not burdened with wasted investment. This makes our solutions powerful & flexible as well as cost effective.

The following functionality is offered

  • Sizing
  • Selection
  • Configuration
  • Selection of accessories
  • Pricing
  • Proposal Generation
  • Business Intelligence / Analytics

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