Guided sales configurators for valve sizing and selection

preciseValve is a valve sizing software or Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software for the valve industry. It is the result of over a decade of experience working with manufacturers of valves for various applications. It performs valve sizing calculations, guided valve selection & quotation generation. It gives users the ability to evaluate a large number of alternatives quickly, without referring to catalogs and data sheets. preciseValve complies with industry standards & its flexible architecture accommodates any proprietary sizing methods that might be used by your organization. It is not a CRM tool that merely captures basic customer data, but software that enables sales & engineering teams to quote easily & precisely.

A best-in-class solution

Many of our clients have opted for preciseValve as it is a valve configurator solution made only for valve sales teams and is not an adaptation of a generic sales configuration product. Some clients who were using other valve sizing and selection programs have moved over due to its extended functionality that goes beyond sizing, providing truly guided selection, pricing & quotation generation features.

Additionally, our ready and well-tested modules of industry-standard equations and algorithms which include sizing flow equations, noise prediction methods, sigma evaluation along with validations for cavitation, flashing, excessive velocity / noise, choke flow etc. facilitate faster and accurate implementation of your CPQ initiatives.
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