CPQ software for Safety Valve sizing, selection & quotation

The software calculates the required orifice area for the proper working of the SRV/PRV, based on input process parameters such as operating pressure, set pressure, MAWP, back pressure, relieving temperature, design temperature , required capacity & rupture disk factor, etc. It compares the calculated area to a standard list of orifices available and selects the appropriate model with a proper rated capacity. It also performs area based sizing wherein the user can specify the required orifice area. The software incorporates international standards like ASME section VIII, ASME section I and DIERS API 520 part I APPENDIX D.


Safety Valve sizing: calculations for multiple service conditions, support for Water, Liquid, Steam, Gas & Two Phase sizing, Standard fluid library & fluid properties, DIERS Method for two-phase sizing, etc.

Other calculations: Boiler system sizing, Multi-valve sizing

Guided selection: Choose the best fit for purpose valve from a set of valid configurations, against key performance parameters

Other features: selection of accessories