Product Selection Chat Bot

Upgrade the entire customer journey with Chat Bots

Gone are the days when customers used to download large PDF documents, product catalogues, data sheets or even apps to understand the products. Email exchanges with clients are tedious and time consuming too.
Rather, help your customers where they are, through personalised Chats on your website, Skype, Facebook Messenger and maximize rep productivity, improve customer communication, speed up response times, and enhance customer experiences.
Give your customers the individualized service and application engineering support they expect. Nothing works better than a personalised conversation. Through the chat bot they can research products, make enquiries, browse the catalogue or get sales data.


What is Product selection chat bot and how it can help you to sell better

Product selection Bot integrates with your existing website, mobile app or e-commerce sites and converts it into a 24*7 Sales engine. They essentially ask right sets of qualification questions and guide the end user through the product selection process.
  • Its selection model is very pro-active and customer engaging with interactive conversations
  • It gives users direction
  • It requests and comprehends client needs and aides them through a customized approach for better product selection.
  • It understands applications and recommends products accordingly.
  • It promotes deals and help in upselling.
  • It understands the right engagement path, and accordingly triggers next level contact point.
Chatbots are “magnificent instruments”, as far as productivity and efficiency is concerned, because they allow simulating an intelligent conversation with the enduser. They can provide customers with useful links, news of interest, technical assistance while ordering, booking or purchasing a product and in addition many suggestions and clarifications.

They can store the interests, preferences, age and tastes of their human counterparts; thus offering tremendous benefits to companies in terms of customer care.

For a developing organisation, it is important to be where the potential clients are and to spark conversations with them.  With bots, brands can have millions of simultaneous one-on-one conversations with prospective clients without sacrificing the quality of the user’s experience. 

Benefits of Chat Bot

  • Create smarter, higher-value product information and selection interactions for your customers.
  • Offer 24X7 self-service and support
  • Personalised selection help to increase awareness, enhance lead quality and drive sales.
  • Complex catalogue study can be turned into 30 second conversations
  • Instant lead and opportunity updates as RFQ progress
  • Alerts that trigger cross team action – with automatic email
  • Consistent mobile and cross-channel UX
  • Empower customers to find the right products by effective filters, sort and rich interactions like quick replies.