Our Customized Offerings

Opportunity Tracking System

This system automates the entire process of generating globally unique quote number, adding the opportunities. Features include workflows for notifications, maintaining status of all opportunities, compact print views. This software provides extensive CAML based search with “AND”, “OR”, “NOT” logical operators to locate any opportunity based on “Key” as well as non-key elements of opportunity.
Quote information such as Administration, Project, Customer, End Customer, Product Type, Competitors, Pricing & various other information regarding opportunity is maintained and tracked.

SI&OP – Demand Forecast Tool

This software gives inventory analysis report proposed to reduce lead times, improve inventory cycle, reduce inventory investment and ultimately improve DFTS on time delivery performance on orders.
Every single key data relating to a potential sales opportunity is maintained in the software. The intent of the data entry process is to have all opportunities entered prior to the monthly SI & OP Demand Meeting. This application empowers area sales and regional sales managers to utilize the Demand Forecast Tool information to forecast potential impact on inventory and supplier capacity. 

Field Issue Reporting Tool

Field Issue Reporting Tool enables the sales and service channels to report problems and issues that require immediate DFTS factory involvement for resolution.  The tool is global in nature and empowers users to automatically route issues to the correct DFTS factory.
The software allows the channel partners to review Field Issue status, sends automated e-mail advisory to the customer when the status of a claim/issue changes,  to Customer Service/Warranty Admin when a new claim has been posted on the portal, e-mail advisory to the customer that a claim has been closed. 
Software provides reports of all claims, filterable by customer/MARC/GTC/Rep, regional manager, claim status (open, in process, closed, etc.) Gather, store etc.

Project Search Tool

The tool facilitates tracking of order by Project name. It extends the functionality to support search base on Project Name, End User, year of order, city, state, Country etc.

Chat Bot Tool

For any organisation to grow, it is vital to be present where the potential clients are and to spark conversations with them.  With chat bot tool, brands can have millions of simultaneous one-on-one conversations with prospective clients without sacrificing the quality of the user’s experience.
Product selection Chat Bot integrates with your existing website, mobile app or e-commerce sites and converts it into a 24*7 Sales engine. It requests and comprehends client needs and aides them through a customized approach for better product selection.
Chat Bot is a brilliant tool to enhance productivity and efficiency of any organisation.

Repair Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance software offers a comprehensive solution that provides essential functions for maintenance.
Dealing with the huge number of invoicing frequencies, co-ordinating part, supplies and different materials, while balancing labour and capacity constraints in order to meet client due dates can substantially increase the complexity  of your organisation and leads to errors, missed deadlines, and decreased proficiency.
Software benefits include accurate and on- time invoicing, enhanced usage of resources, improved financial control, visibility and profitability, and of course, enhanced consumer loyalty. 

Sales Edge

Sales Edge is “lead management” software, designed & built for Sales. Offers a single source for all opportunity pursuit, Customer & process information, products to lead with & competitor info
Built on ultra-high quality external data, Sales Edge is a single environment to view, evaluate, prioritize, select & act on the opportunities that move the ladder. Automated feedback systems, with low or no maintenance, provide continuous & up to date, active feedback.
Sales Edge helps eliminating the burden of manual reporting thus increasing revenue and expanding to newer markets.