Selection software for Expansion Joints

Configurator Solutions makes selection & configuration software for manufacturers of Expansion Joints. 
Broad features are:
  • Models are selected based on axial, angular, lateral movement calculated or entered by user.
  • Forces and moments acting on anchors can be calculated based on model selected.
  • Stress induced in bellows, fatigue life & theoretical spring rate can be calculated.
  • Selection of material based on type of fluid, temperature & pressure is possible.
 All calculations are based on EJMA standard.
Let’s take a look at the features & functionality provided.
User inputs
 precise accepts the following inputs from the user:

Fluid Data Section

 This section allows a user to select the Fluid, Flow Rate, Max Operating Pressure, Min & Max Operating Temperature & Pipe Size. Fluid Data

Movement Section

 This section allows a user to specify one or more movements.
  1. Axial – The user is able to select Axial movement. The cumulative total of Compression & Extension will be considered for Axial movement.
  • Compression – the user is allowed to enter value if known or else will be allowed to calculate.
  • Extension – the user is allowed to enter value if known or else will be allowed to calculate.
  1. Lateral – User is able to select & enter data for Lateral movement.
  2. Concurrent – Concurrent option is enabled only if user selects Axial & Lateral movement.
  1. Angular – Angular option will not be available if user has selected Axial or Lateral movement. Similarly if user selects Angular movement, Axial & Lateral movement options are disabled.
User will be able to select & enter data for Angular movement in degree rotation.
  • Single Plane – On selecting this option, Hinge expansion joints will be filtered.
  • Multi Plane – On selecting this option, models of gimbal expansion joint will be filtered.



Material, Connection & Accessory Section

Select Bellow & Fitting materials.
Select appropriate connections required.
Pick accessories such as Sleeve or Cover.
Material, Connection & Accessories
Output Section
Based on the user inputs in Fluid Data section, flow velocity is calculated. Based on user selections, various models are evaluated & eligible models are listed.


EJMA Results Section

EJMA Result section displays results of the various stress & force calculations performed as per the EJMA standards.
  EJMA Results

Installation Guidelines Section

This section provides information about the distances between anchors, bellow & guides considering the total pipe length & the amount of forces acting on fixed anchors. Installation Guidelines

Axial Calculator

The user is able to select Pipe Material. The minimum & maximum temperatures entered by the user are considered. precise calculates Thermal Expansion depending on the pipe length.


Axial Calculator

Inputs required to perform EJMA calculations are:

  • Db = inside diameter of cylindrical tangent and bellows convolutions 
  • t = one ply thickness
  • Lt = bellows tangent length
  • tc = bellows tangent reinforcing collar material thickness
  • Lc = bellows collar tangent length
  • Dc = mean diameter of bellows tangent reinforcing collar
  • Dm = mean diameter of bellows convolutions
  • N = number of convolutions
  • q = convolution pitch
  • rm = mean radius of bellows convolution
  • w = convolution height
  • n = number of bellows material plies