Challenges faced by engineered product manufacturers

The engineered-to-order products industry

In the engineer-to-order (ETO) products & equipment industry, manufacturers build products designed to the customer's specific requirements. The challenges faced by the manufacturer's sales team while handling customer requirements are several - high application engineering support, high turnaround times, propensity for errors... the nature of this business is such that for a manufacturer to remain competitive, the sales cycle must be streamlined to improve efficiency and productivity of all its stakeholders.

Guided selling configurators for the ETO business

precise is our guided sales configuration software or Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software for manufacturers of engineered products & engineered equipment such as valves, pumps, gauges, blowers, compressors & heat exchangers. It is a feature-rich guided selling tool that enables your sales teams to easily size, select & configure products and submit competitive quotes. precise can be integrated with existing enterprise applications. It can also be provided to your customers as a guided product selection tool, further extending its value.