Industrial Fans & Blowers

Sales CPQ / selection software for Industrial Fans & Blowers

Selection of Best Fit-For-Purpose Industrial Fans & Blowers 

There are several different types of fans &blowers, each with its own performance characteristics.

Configurator Solutions offers guided sales solutions (CPQ software) for manufacturers of fans & blowers. The applications provide a simple and convenient way to size, select & quote for products.

precise - guided sales CPQ software for industrial fans & blower manufacturers

There are various factors that determine the correct product selection. These include:

  • Airflow volume
  • Density of air
  • Humidity
  • System discharge pressure
  • Ambient temperature
  • System inlet pressure
  • Inlet temperature
Product sizing is performed to calculate various parameters for elimination of size for that model.

Calculation methods

  • Differential Pressure
Differential pressure is calculated using System inlet and discharge pressure. This differential pressure is checked with the pressure in database for particular size of the blower model, elimination of the size is made based on this comparison.
  • Design pressure
Design pressure is calculated using discharge pressure and ambient pressure. Design pressure is compared with database and used to check if it is too high. If design pressure is too high then size gets eliminated.
  • Speed
RPM is checked for each size and size is eliminated if elevation is too high. Capacity low, Speed too high and Speed too low checks are also made using lower and higher limits from database for the size. Speed percentage too low and Gear speed limited and Gear Tip Speed exceeds max checks are performed using the Model data for each size.
  • Temperature
Temperature related checks are performed to check if Temperature rise exceeds maximum, Average Temperature (T1 + T2) / 2 Exceeds 250, T Rise Exceeds Max. standard clearance, T Rise Exceeds Max. open Clearance. Pressure Lubrication Required check is performed using inlet temperature
  • BHP
BHP is calculated using service data and checked if it is not less than zero else the size is eliminated.


These parameters are calculated for each size of each model and displayed as a valid result, if size does not get eliminated in above criteria.

For Centrifugal Fans:
  • Fan series
  • Fan model number
  • Airflow rate, CFM
  • Static pressure
  • BHP and motor details
  • Drive method (50/60Hz)
  • RPM and maximum RPM
  • Tip speed
  • Outlet velocity
  • Fan wheel diameter and width
  • Efficiency
  • Noise generated
  • Performance curves – airflow rate Vs. static pressure, airflow rate Vs. BHP
  • Accessories

For Blowers:
  • Blower model number and Size
  • BHP
  • RPM and maximum RPM
  • % Pressure Rise
  • %Temperature Rise
  • Tip speed
  • Efficiency
  • Noise generated
  • Performance curves – airflow rate Vs. Temperature, airflow rate Vs. BHP, airflow rate Vs. RPM

Blower selection