Guided sales solutions for Control Valve sizing & selection

The software provides a user the various solutions available with ratings based on a set of Key Performance Indicators. It captures application requirements / process parameters such as fluid type & fluid properties, flow rates, permissible leakage, pressure or temperature ratings, cavitation index, noise levels, flow characteristics, location of the valve in the overall process, extent of pressure reduction, valve closing / opening time, type of actuation, etc. It automates calculations for Required Cv, cavitation indices, noise level, flashing, velocity, pressure-temp rating, actuator thrust requirements, stroking time, fugitive emission levels, etc. These Key Performance Indicators are iterated against the available product range to facilitate the selection of Fit-for-Purpose product type / series, trim type, valve size, rated Cv, ANSI rating, leakage class, end connections material of construction, actuators, accessories etc. It also facilitates generation of reports / documents such as specification sheets, flow curves, GA drawings, schematic drawings, ITPs, tag wise pricing sheets, project quotations, etc.


Control Valve Sizing: industry standard / proprietary calculations, supports multiple service conditions, calculations for water, liquid, steam, gas & two-phase  

Guided Selection: warnings & recommendations for cavitation, flashing, velocity, noise, etc.

Other features: selection of accessories, actuator / desuperheater / regulator sizing & selection, Orifice Plate / Restrictor Sizing,