​Sales Configurators for Compressors

Sales Configurators for Compressors

Selecting the right compressor for your application involves
a) Understanding the application
b) Knowing service conditions
c) Determining power requirements, compression stages
d) Selecting accessories

For sales teams, the process of sizing & selecting a product, calculating the pricing & generating proposals is the most time consuming part of the sales process. A typical proposal consists of specification data sheets, performance data, system diagrams, envelopes, dimensional drawings, annual running cost calculations & pricing including that of any accessories selected.

precise, our compressor CPQ software improves sales efficiency & helps standardize the proposal generation process globally. It simplifies product selection, generates a comprehensive proposal package.

precise - guided sales CPQ software for compressor manufacturers

Refrigeration compressors

Sizing & selection 
Compressor sizing is based on suction pressure, discharge pressure, superheat and sub-cool temperature. The software calculates capacity required based on input parameters or user entered required Capacity & then compares it to the list of available models and provides % match. The higher the match % means less operating cost and best performance for given process data

Overview of application functionality
Performance data
Capacity is calculated based on Tc and Te data using the polynomial equations & coefficients for each compressor model

Overview of application functionality
General Assembly drawings
GA drawings can be auto generated within the software or via external call to access the 2D or 3D drawings

Overview of application functionality
Running Cost calculator
A very useful feature for application engineers or sales personnel. Using this tool power consumption based on operating time, location and number of compressors in operation etc., can be estimated. The software can either take inputs from user for calculating running cost or can automatically pick the user selected model from sizing and selection screen.

Overview of application functionality


Model Operating Envelope


System Diagram


State Point Report

Other reports
•Power characteristics
•Heat characteristics
•Flow characteristics

Air Compressors

Sizing is based on the selected type of compressor & process parameters. Compression ratio, gas constant, MW, Cp & density are determined by the fluid selected for calculation.


Model & Accessories Selection, Pricing, BoM, Drawings, Recommended Spares, Documentation