Make your business more competitive

Our guided sales configurator software (CPQ software) for engineered products simplifies & speeds up the configuration, pricing and quotation of your complex & customized products. It leads your sales teams to optimal product configurations based on customer requirements.

The process of performing engineering calculations, evaluating suitable product alternatives & finally generating the necessary commercial documentation is fully automated. This reduces errors & boosts sales productivity. Risk of missed opportunities caused due to insufficient time to respond is reduced. Accuracy of quotes is enhanced. Knowledge about product configuration is captured in the form of rules assisting the retention of crucial product & process knowledge, mitigating the risk of knowledge drain.

We enable you to deliver product & pricing knowledge directly to your sales force, ensuring that you meet your customers' needs for complex engineer-to-order products. Application engineering knowledge is captured in the form of engineering calculations and selection & configuration rules. And the application engineering team is able to focus on more critical cases / complex configurations.

  • Realize gains of up to 40% by creating more accurate and comprehensive proposal packages, in far less time
  • Faster quotes, reduced turnarounds, increased time with new prospects for Sales Teams
  • Application engineering freed up to focus on complex cases
  • Shorter proposal lead-times
  • Higher revenues through better sales hit rate

  • Even a minor error contributes to cost overruns &loss of business goodwill. With our solutions, errors in quotations are a thing of the past.

  • Guided buying simplifies complex product selection
  • Provides customers better insight into their own requirements
  • Offers them clearer understanding of your product lines
  • Shorter proposal lead-times
  • Only valid features and options are presented, no possibility of errors during product selection & configuration

  • Reduced cost of rework (caused by inaccurate configurations & quotes)
  • Reduced cost of sales, reduced need for technical support for configurations & quotations
  • Reduced costs of printing & distributing printed catalogs & price books

  • Standardized sales & distributor operations through a uniform system

  • Link front- and back-end systems to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Technically buildable configurations translate into smoother & on-time manufacturing
  • Reduced costs of printing & distributing printed catalogs & price books

  • Better insights into individual &group sales performance, better coordination with distributors, more accurate planning through more precise revenue forecasts

  • Brand the organization as having structured processes & engineering tools
  • Make your organization easier to work with
  • Differentiate your company from the competition

  • Critical product knowledge retained within the organization, saves training cost & time